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Update from the Nailsea and District Skittles League Committee regarding the 2019/2020 Season: -

    The committee has decided to waive the final 60 league fee

    The 2019/2020 League Season will treated as void

    The only compititions that reached a conclusion were the Front Pin First Cup and the Fred Williams Cup.  The cups will be engraved and presented, along with the appropriate prize money, at the AGM once it has been rescheduled

    The Joe Stokes, Vera Baker, Singles and Pairs competitions have all reached the Semi-Final stages and will be completed during the early weeks of next season

    The awards for the Highest Individual and Team Away Scores have been cancelled



League Rule Updated

Nailsea and District Skittles League 2019-2020 Rules.

Singles and Pairs, the final round before the last 16 the highest scoring entrant from each alley who does not qualify for the round of 16 will be become reserves (reserve order will be randomly drawn).

This change has been introduce to eliminate byes in the rounds of 16 and quarter-finals.

Inter League

Inter League Table, Inter League Scorecards,

Inter League Fixture are:-

  • Wrington Vale v Nailsea & District, Won 14-8, Scorecard
  • Nailsea & District v Weston Mixed, Won 20-2, Scorecard
  • Weston Mixed v Nailsea & District, Won 20-2, Scorecard
  • Nailsea & District v Wrington Vale, Lost 4-18, Scorecard

Annual (End of Season) Presentation Dinner


Captains Meetings and Annual General Meeting

Captains Meeting is on the 31st March 2020 at 7:00pm - Cancelled, new date to be confirmed

Feed Your Geek Team / Alley / Individual Stats

Some interesting and not so interesting stats.

Historical Fixture Books

Sometime ago Alan Baker handed over to me a collection of fixture books from bygone years.  These will be gradually scanned in provide a record for those seasons.