Latest News (last updated 30/04/2019),

  • Final League Table and Results have been published
  • 10th place play-off - Crown Devils beat Breakaways 471 - 471 (49 - 38) after an additional 3 hands

Congratulations to:-

  • Wraxall Club - Division One Champions
  • Ravens - Division One Runners-up
  • Club Boys - Division Two Champions
  • Avoners - Division Two Runners-up
  • Wraxall Club - Front Pin First Cup Winners
  • Breakaways - Front Pin First Cup Runners-up
  • Buccaneers - Fred Williams Cup Winners
  • Crown Saints - Fred Williams Cup Runners-up
  • Crown Devils - Joe Stokes Cup Winners
  • Crown Saints - Joe Stokes Cup Runners-up
  • Comrades - Vera Baker Cup Winners
  • Club Boys - Vera Baker Cup Runners-up
  • Wooden Spoon - Rising Stars
  • Kevin Buck (Wraxall Club) Singles Champion
  • Ben Keysell (Club Boys) Singers Runner-up
  • Andy Hedges & Colin Read (Wraxall Club) Pairs Champions
  • Justin Harding & Andy Harris (Avoners) Pairs Runners-up



Overdue Scorecards

  • None

League Rule Updated

Nailsea and District Skittles League 2017-2018 Rules.

Joe Stokes reverts back to a knockout cup and is a Division One competition only with a New Division Two knockout cup competition introduced call the Vera Baker Cup.

Inter League

Inter League Table, Inter League Scorecards,

Inter League Fixture are:-

  • Weston B v Nailsea & District, Won 20pts to 2pts, Scorecard
  • Wrington Vale v Nailsea & District, Lost 6pts to 16pts, Scorecard
  • Nailsea & District v Weston A, Won 18pts to 4pts, Scorecard
  • Weston A v Nailsea & District, Won 20pts to 2pts, Scorecard
  • Nailsea & District v Weston B, Won 18pts to 4pts, Scorecards
  • Nailsea & District v Wrington Vale, Won 16pts to 6pts, Scorecard

Annual (End of Season) Presentation Dinner

25th May 2019, Masonic Hall Nailsea

Captains Meetings and Annual General Meeting

Captains Meeting is on the 9th April 2019 at 7:30pm and will be held at the Grove Sports Centre, Nailsea.

Feed Your Geek Team / Alley / Individual Stats

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